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Established in 1987, Our founder Mr. Ameen had specialised in collecting both precious and semi-precious stones. He had started as a small trader selling moonstones and star sapphires to tourists visiting Thailand, to now exhibiting in over 10 gem fairs yearly and establishing himself as a company that has some of the finest coloured gem stones in the market.  Sourced directly from the mines in Burma, Sri Lanka, and East Africa, we hand pick each gem stones from suppliers to ensure only the highest quality of gem stones are in our collection in terms of purity, clarity and colour.

Star Shine ltd. prides ourselves in  supplying a diverse collection of gem stones from Sapphires to Tourmalines. With over 100 varieties of gem stones, we are able to supply exactly what you may be looking for. We take each customer's needs seriously such as recutting, polishing and getting the gemstone certified to gaurantee we meet the standards of our clients.

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